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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Car crashed into lamp post?

Before anyone panics or give me a call, well, it's not me who crashed my car as stated in the title of the post.

I was driving to work this morning and I witnessed a gold Toyota Vios which crashed into the lamp post along the downhill area.
That road was actually on a hill, and this accident happened near the area which was going down the hill.

Sorry that I do not have the pics as I was also driving and again, I must mention that it was going downhill and if you want to see another crashing into the next lamp post, well, there will be photos here =P

Poor guy, I think he lost control of his car...probably speeding too fast when he was going downhill....I think he will definitely be slapped with a giant bill of the cost to fix his car...and of course, a letter from the government with a fine for damaging public property.
I can't imagine which is worse, but seriously, the lamp post fell to the ground already, so that was a huge damage.

I think I feel sorry for the beautiful Vios as well.....sighhhhhssss =(