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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Panic yesterday....

Yesterday started out as a great day; when I had some great news early in the morning and I was in such high and positive spirits.

I went out with two managers; and we had lunch together and upon coming back from lunch; I felt in my bag for my phone and it was not there!
I panicked and started running back to the manager who drove us earlier and told him that I may have left my phone in his car.
He passed me his keys and I went straight to his car and couldn't find anything!

Great...I almost cried when I couldn't find my beloved phone and it was my precious phone.
I used my other phone (company phone which was used for work) to call this phone as all the worst scenarios were running through my mind already.
There was no answer but I was silently thanking God when it was not an abrupt end; which means, the phone was not taken by someone else, YET.

I prayed so hard like I've never before and something told me that I should go back to the office and to my desk to check whether it's there; and true enough, it was on the desk.

It was really embarassing and I dare not tell the manager the location where I found it, so I just told him I found it.
He asked, where did I find it, and I just mumbled something...LOL..

Panic.....and then embarassment....but at least, I am happy that my precious phone is with me =)
Look what has technology done to us these days?