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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Internet connection is back!!

Alrighty, I am supposed to be continuing on my Raya weekend post but somehow, I just want to post on the Internet connection which has been plaguing the whole of Malaysia this week I think?

Goshhhh.... I can't believe how bad we have been spoilt by the luxuries and comfort of a click on the pad to get things done and to connect to the rest of the world!

Nowadays, we are all so badly affected by the electricity cut or the Internet connection issues that we seem to have forgotten we used to live without them..once upon a time

How ironic things have turned out to be these days; in the contemporary society...

Most of us may have or have not come from IT background but it does not mean that IT and computers do not play a role in our lives.
It is like a widespread disease...and sometimes, some say, it's like a cult

I know for a fact, that even I myself find it really difficult when there's no Internet connection or electricity.
For example, the past few days which almost sum up to a week now, the Internet connection were somewhat lagging...seriously SLOWWWW...

I was quite dismayed by that; as I have lined up all my blog posts and was really excited to blog since I have been busy the past month.
Furthermore, I was in a hyper-cheerful mode last week due to some good things which happened...hahaha, especially on the Friday!

Anyway, the connection had such a major crippling effect not only on me; on everyone as well.

Imagine that you can't blog, can Facebook, can't surf the net, can't do your emails...and plenty more
Fortunately for me, I could still do some Facebooking lar...LOL!
Sadly, I had to take a step behind in my farms....*sob* (that's where the Kiasu-nism steps in)

I can't even log on to our VPN/Intranet conenction at work....there's basically nothing much to be done and yet I was super busy this whole week...

Anyway, I almost leapt out of joy this morning when I realized that the connection was back to normal...YAHOOOOOO and it's Friday too....so, again, this is yet another great Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =D

I think it's probably due to the natural disasters (typhoons, earthquakes) which are happening around the world that are affecting the network connection?
Who knows, the networking and telecommunications people should know...all I care about is, I can now go back to the Net!!!