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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Prayers for a Loved One...

Remember I asked everyone to pray for someone I am close to lately?
Yes, I am still praying for him and he's a very close member in my family...
He is having some problems with his vision; guess age is catching up with him...
I am really sad to hear about it...

I was shocked when I was first notified....on Sunday evening
(Sorry that I am unable to share much on his condition as I am not sure whether he will like it; I have erased the story....I will let you guys know once he has recovered okay?)

He was my favourite uncle, and I was also his favourite niece; the apple of his eye since young.
I joked with him to eat more carrots, papayas and tomatoes; or anything red coz they contain carotenes and Vitamin A which will be good for eyesight.
I even told him I am going to try to fly home to see him and he said no....
I joked that yea, then I will make him so touched that he's gonna shed tears and that will affect him....so, I told him to recover as soon as possible :)
This is my most adored uncle and I couldn't bear to hear anything bad to happen to him.
It was a relief that it was nothing serious but I still pray for his speedy recovery to be normal again.
I talked to him already and it seems that there is nothing serious and he's not in pain or anything like that.
And he will going for a second check up to finalize the appointment...

Anyway, in the meantime, I pray to Mother St Anne and I ask all of you to pray for him as well....
I will stay strong...I am going to pray very hard....for him...
I really appreciate this and may the Good Lord bless all your kind souls!~