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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloggers' blog

Beware of what you blog!
It seems that blogging will be a scrutinized activity from now onwards... according to sources published in the newspapers on Sunday.
Our Malaysian government is viewing blogging seriously now and will consider to take action against bloggers who criticize others openly in their blogs; subjecting them to the clause of defamation of others. In fact, quoting examples from their Western counterparts, they claimed that bloggers over there have been brought to court for publishing their thoughts which insult or in any way cause any damage to another's reputation.
What has come to the world of bloggers now?
Blogs were meant to be a private space for thoughts and opinions; a journal for our minds to speak as they think...but no, now, blogs will also be subjected to the law.
I wonder whether my food reviews and stuffs I talk about the food tastes and restaurant environments are defamation?
Anyhow, do beware....let's hope that all of you out there will not be as unfortunate as Jeff Ooi....
Blog.....but with caution:)