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Monday, July 16, 2007

Manic Monday!

It's Monday again....
No blues this time; but seems that it's a really manic day today...haha!
My housemate didn't come back last night; while the other housemate's back home in the Lion City since Friday night and will be back tomorrow morning.
Today's the replacement holiday for the Penang Governor's birthday on Saturday for my company and as mentioned (ain't I long-winded?) , Kulim folks don't get the holidays unless you apply for leave.
I almost did; but didn't; remembered that I had a presentation (again!) on Monday to present to a couple of bosses from other groups on my trip to Japan and Korea.
(Yeah, and you thought travelling was fun...)

Well, just finished my presentation and it went pretty smoothly; though it raised some eyebrows; the same knits I have on mine when I talked to those Korean folks back then. Anyway, Monday, and I am at work...office seems quiet; guess lots of people also took the opportunity to take the day off and enjoy the holiday as our Penang colleagues.
I am done with most of my presentations and I am going to be all rushed up and worked up on something else.
So...Monday Monday Monday.....I hate Mondays....
But somehow, today doesn't seem so bad...haha...Am I just being too cheerful for words today?:p