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Monday, July 16, 2007

Updates on Uncle

Oh, by the way, my uncle's finally discharged from the hospital.
He got out of the hospital on Saturday; originally was supposed to be Friday but due to his bleeding from the nose; he was held back for supervision for another day.
I daren't call to initiate him to talk; as his was a microsurgery which went through the nose (don't worry, I will spare the gory details) and thus, for his nose to recuperate following the surgery, he had to breathe through his mouth while they stick something into his nose.
Therefore, he is expected to minimize the movement of his mouth and nose to avoid any injury (after all, the mouth and the nose are relatively near...they are connected to each other anyhow).
He had visitors flocking into his ward after his surgery and that got him all chatty and this led to bleeding from his nose.
He finally left the hospital on Saturday; I texted him over the weekend (coz I don't want him to talk) and he told me his nose is still bleeding :(

Anyway, he's recovering but he will still be required to go back for a couple of monitoring checks and also MRI.
I will continue to pray for him; thanks to all of you as well! :)