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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Touch n Go/SmartTag vs manual toll booth

I was just wondering about the effectiveness of Touch n Go and Smart Tag versus the normal manual booth where you wind down you windows and just hand over your money to the person at the toll booth.
Both TnG and Smart Tag are supposed to be the automated toll payment and yet, I don't see any shorter queue lines leading to the toll as compared to the manual ones.
And worse still, sometimes these queues stretch longer than the manual booths...
And NOT to mention the humiliation and horrible embarassment when the siren goes off at the Smart Tag line because the scanner did not read your tag information in time or when you are stuck at the TnG booth because there is a malfunction at the machine.
These are not uncommon scenarios...I think the frequency of the siren going off at the SmartTag line is almost every 3-5 cars...I don't know whether this is due to their system or just drivers who cannot understand when to flash and pause for the scanner to read (inadequate training?)
Guess technology sometimes can be more trouble than ease:p

*And this came from a technology person...haha, an ironic world!