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Monday, July 23, 2007

City Life => Impatience

I have noticed the fast-paced behavior exhibited by most urban folks; those who came from and was bred from the land of the skyscrapers and advanced infrastructure.
Of course, being close to home, I'd be referring to my own capital folks; the place where I came from and where I received my education.
I guess being in the city, we are used to the pace of life and we may not realize that it is indeed as fast paced as claimed by everyone.
It is when you step out of the city zone and retreat to another town that you start to complain that things are way too slow, and that people here are different.
I am not pinpointing here; neither am I discriminating against any side...be it from the city or even from other states in the country.
I attribute this more to the lifestyle and in a way or another, it has led to the birth of impertinence and impatience among the city bred folks.
However, I do see this as more of a matter of perception.
If you were to ask any city residents, they will just answer "They are too slow-lah, we get things done faster!"
But then from the other side of the globe, "We are used to this, will it hurt to wait for a shorter while?"

I have been in Penang for more than a year and I have met more than 5 KL city folks; apart from other states and I noticed that KL people are more adaptive and efficient.
*This is not a form of discrimination that they perform better*
But they do react and swirl in emotion much faster; and to get an answer without much hesitation.
In other words, sometimes, they turn out to be more frustrated and easily stressed when things don't go their way. Furthermore, another trait is they will not wait; there is no such thing as putting it off or holding on for a minute or two because they just do not want to waste time, hence the impatience breed.

Perception and lifestyle...really important, it tells you how much it affects a person's mindset.
Anyway, that being said, there is also a percentage of impatience channeled by some of the folks which is clearly depicted in our daily scenario of honkings, cursings, shoutings, fidgeting..now, that's a different story:p