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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Give up

I waited to get home yesterday; anxiously and worried about the reaction from my housemates..hehe, being the worry wart me:p
And they were all home late (I was wondering whether they were mad and avoided me?...)
Then we didn't really speak to each other; perhaps it was awkward to talk about it and then, I went to bed early.
I woke up this morning; and was in for a shower and I stopped, right in my tracks in the bathroom; as I saw there were hair...or should I put it; a bundle of hair...a massacre of "self-suicidal/kamikaze" cells from the top of the head on the floor in the bathroom particularly near the drain area.
Okay, I spare all the visual details...
Seems like they don't get what I was saying.....and then, I saw that rubbish were not thrown (the other housemate) and etc.
So just a brief morning (less than 30 mins as I prepare to get to work), nothing practically changed.....
I start to wonder; did they get/read my email?
Maybe they did for the former; but for the latter, I doubt it now...
Or another way, maybe they did both...but the latter latter, maybe they ignored and deleted it...
OR OR.....they totally didn't understand....it was too long....they were too lazy to read it...
OR OR OR....simple, they didn't understand English!!!
Man....should I be learning some other language?
I thought this was a civilized language and I have put it in the mildest manner possible...still too hard to comprehend?
Hmmm.......maybe I should do the following:
1. Learn some native language which can be helpful (Balinese, Javanese?) and try it out again?
2. Just ignore and participate in the remake of Hideo Nakata's movie with the effects of hair massacre in the house!
3. Continue to do my own stuffs and perhaps, spot an opportunity to be featured in an episode of Kim and Aggie's "How Clean is your House?" (I will get a house makeover for free then:)

Sighhhhhhhhssss......you guys tell me what to do next.....

P.S.: Maybe I should wait for weekend, they may be just too tired after work yesterday....and I should go sign up for Balinese 101 in the meantime....in case...