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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Public Holiday in Penang on Monday!

It's the Penang Governor's Birthday this coming Monday....and most of the working people will be given a day off in view of the celebration.
However, I am an unfortunate case...sighs....I fall under the Kulim site...Kulim headcount ar!!!
(Not that it's so unfortunate when it's the Sultan of Kedah's birthday:p )
My company has 2 sites in Malaysia; actually 3 but 2 up north and there's Penang and Kulim.
Although I work in Penang most of the days in the week, but my office is based in Kulim and as such, that's how I am considered as part of the Kulim folks...sighs, so sad lar.
But some of the people in Kulim will be taking leave on Monday; should I do the same ar?
Monday is also a Sunday in US time mar; so no important US meetings to attend....basically no impact right?:p

Hehe, I want holiday!!!~