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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Haze is BACK???!!!

I noticed the foggy and blurry view of the landscapes up here in the northern region since last Friday and Saturday.
I texted and called my Daddy to check whether there is any update in the news but none.
Hmmm...can't be...I have a hypersensitive nose and intuition and I know it's the haze, I can smell it!!
And I have been restless.....
Finally on Sunday morning (yesterday), confirmed in the Star that there was indeed haze in the northern region of the Peninsula.
Sighs....and they found about 64 hotspots in Sumatra...
However, a quick check on the online Star today revealed 171 hotspots!!!
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When is this going to stop???
Mummy was just telling me the other day that it was raining all the way in KL each and every day...a weird turn in the weather.
I asked why is that so, and Mummy shrugged that off by saying that "Each year, at this time, we are bound to be shrouded by the haze, but this year, no haze yet..."

Don't speak too soon...it is back...and I hope this goes off in a short spell only.....sighs.....
Our neighbor......