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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Goodbye my dear friend!!

I went to the airport on last Saturday evening to see a dear friend of mine off to further his studies in Australia....I shall refer to him by his nickname; Pamalite :)
A true genius and a shy guy whom I met in university; but back then we were more of the acknowledging type of friends (he knows my existence and vice versa).
It was until 2 years ago; when I came to Penang and started work in Kulim that I met him; while I was travelling on the shuttle to get to another building:)
It was a surprise....and I must say I was glad to have met him there as well; a company which sparked off our friendship until today....

I am proud to give this testimonial for a friend like him; someone who would never say no anytime or any place for any favour you ask of him...
He has been a dedicated car pool partner as well; and you always know that he is someone trustworthy that you can count on:)

He told me all the way about his plans and we even went together around Penang Island; scouting for the right institution and also the timeline for studies; helping each other out.
He took the English papers; and zoom, he was accepted by one of the top universities in Australia.
I am really happy for him.....

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He officially resigned last month; and he had the time to send me a simple farewell poem; something different from the normal farewell emails I used to received (then again, this is an extraordinary friend anyway) and I must say, the email really left me touched...*sob*

I admit, our friendship might not be long,
The feelings of knowing you as if eons;

Though we cannot meet face-to-face,
I hope we can still be friends after today;

Remember to let me know if your around Adelaide,
I can always make a date, for a friend who as sweet as chocolate cake. J

With that said, I wish all the best in your future undertakings!
I was stunned for a while; reading a simple poem amidst my normal overflowing emails on tasks, etc.
But I immediately recalled all those times and memories with this friend of mine and clicked Reply (instantly!) to respond to his poem; word by word:
I doubt it, was it not long
I thought it was way before Zion

I am really at a loss of words to say
If we can't make it face to face
Please let me know in any way
If I can ever ever pay
Though I know you can't stay
And it will be such a waste
That I can't see you on your flying day
But let it come what may
You're the friend who always amaze
And words are just my song of praise

Remember to write wherever you are
Malaysia or Adelaide near or far
I will never hesitate
To reply to this mate
And do call when you're back here
I will be ever happy to see my friend so dear

The star twinkling in the sky
We can see it up so high
On the day that you fly
I will wish for all that lies
In a bright future that is coming by

So long to you my friend
Bear in mind that this is not the end
I will keep in touch till as long as when
I am no longer a friend of this man

Your blog will be my fave
In the Favorites folder I will save
Don't forget to see what my blog paves
This is a promise we engrave
And with this I will wave
Goodbye to my friend before his flying day!!
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So Long my friend; farewell, adieu....
You will have a great future;...hehe, the future Dr.??:D
Take care and catch up with you soon!~