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Monday, July 23, 2007


A colleague of mine IM me this morning, telling me that he helped me to straighten some of the posters on the notice board in the Kulim office.
(Remember I was part of this GPTW organizing fun activities-for-the-dept team in which I assume the PR role to publish communication posters, emails, designs, etc?)
Well, it was my task to maintain and update the notice boards (just like my secretarial job back in Prefectorial Board in Form 5..haha!)

Anyway, he took the liberty of doing me the favour (or so he says) of straightening the posters!!
I almost fainted...haha....
Isn't it meant to be straight? I thought it was disorganized?
Or was it meant as an artistic twist?
Not everything's meant to be straight; it't not ultimately artistic...there's factors like space, alignment, patterning, eye comfort....and also the attraction factor so that not everything in the office looks like some technical symposium poster out of Einstein's lab...
Then should I align them back to their original positions then?
It's okay, I will in Kulim tomorrow; I will remedy that..haha :D

I bet he's pulling my legs actually...but he sure is funny about it...
But it is a side of technical community; engineers, scientists, everything is either black, white, straight....sighs!
Thank God we have colors and also artistic people :)

Yeah...that's my colleague...the bunch of techno people I work with....:)