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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter and the Price War

I read with interest a blogger's post on The Star blog which was titled, "Harry Potter and the Battle of the Bookstores" and couldn't help chuckling to myself on the catchy title.
To me, this can be a potential sequel title!
Hehe...I know I am a little cuckoo here...but hey, we have the whole list of titles of Rowling's book in a series which hit off with the main character's name and xxx.....
So, this is good!

Back to the price war among the bookstores and the two leading hypermarkets, it was actually not just the talk of the town but also a joke and a display of immature behavior.
It was a major blow to the enthusiasm and the excitement of the loyal readers who have been waiting for more than a year for this final instalment of the highly-acclaimed book series by the world famous writer (Now), JK Rowling.
I understand the slap that all those leading bookstores such as MPH, Popular, Borders had when an unexpected competitor comes up and slashed off the prices of this highly wanted book by almost 50% of their listed price.
And to make matters worse; not just 1 but 2 of the competitors of the same genre decide to do this and they are not even in the same line of industry; ain't that just a pain?
In retortion, these bookstores ganged up and decided to retract all their books on the shelves; after mass publicity on their events and the launch of their books, etc.
It was really a major decision which left all the readers disappointed after the elevated joy in anticipation of obtaining their favourite and most wanted book BUT also in missing all the fun and excitement of the events organized.

I am not going into factual analysis of the situation, since everyone has done so already through the media and how those bookstores should review their prices that the competitors can slash by almost 50%.
However, recent report in the news has revealed that those prices were indeed a loss to them but still, the hypermarkets will not retract.
And the fight goes on....
Anyway, pleased to know that it has finally subsided, with the bookstores taking a step back and restoring the books on the shelves for sale at even discounted prices of 20%!
Good move, and thank you!

Wonder whether it helps to know that in UK, the book is retailed at only 5 pounds....hmmmm...
Should it now be the battle of the Readers/consumers?
Too bad this is the last book; else, I am sure the titles alone can overflow the storylines:)

Speaking of which, anyone read the book yet?
I saw one of my friend's MSN status that many died but not the 3 main (Harry, Ron, Hermione)...now, that's what I call a major spoiler!!
*But I can't help seeing that status, right?...Bummer....