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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

News from Uncle

I got a message from Uncle last night; at about 11pm.... (of course Angelstar is already in dreamland:)
I saw the message when I woke up this morning for work....
It said that Uncle has already confirmed the date for his surgery which will be by early next week (initially the date they gave him was next month) but now, after his negotiation with the doctor for the earliest schedule available, he is attended to IMMEDIATELY!!

Praise the LORD!!!
May the glory and strength of the Holy Spirit be with him throughout this tough times....
God, please bless him, shower him with your love that he will make it through...

A prayer for my Uncle (aka Ah Pek:)
When times are tough and all seems wrong
All you have to do is kneel and pray
When you want to laugh and sing a song
Sing with goodwill and praise every day
For the Good Lord above is with us all along
With all his GOOD will and HIS words to say
"Follow me, do not be afraid"
All you need is thoughts of me in your head
A simple Prayer is all you need
To call upon me to be there whenever
I will do the rest and you will recover!

God will bless you; you will be FINE :D