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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ergonomics...NO Joke

I am not sure how many of you out there are aware of ergonomics terminology and also the definition of it...
It's basically, a disorder which can come from your environment (work, home, sitting position, etc) which can lead to major discomfort.
For IT folks, I am sure you guys have heard of the disorder called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...which affects the nerve from the wrist and the hand, etc...causing a tingling or burning sensation at the stages.
This is no joke; I have done a presentation sharing in one of my staff meetings to talk about the ergonomics related issues and disorders and also recommended remedies or workouts to relax ourselves after long hours in the same position or bending our wrist at an awkward position ....I will share on more of this in my blog soon...don't wanna scare you out of nothing...
But those who are exposed to the computer, typing for long hours are at risk...and if your jobs require you to be in one position for a long time....
And hey, if you think this is a small thing, think again, because this can cause major dysfunction in your body and limbs....no joke!
I am feeling worried too...recently I also experienced discomfort...hope everything's fine:S