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Monday, July 23, 2007

I HATE Durians!

There was this Durian lunch organized by the department team and it was in Kulim (that's why most of the people turned up in Kulim yesterday!)
Anyway, I of course declined the invitation which was sent out a week ago through email (Outlook).
And I was surprised by how many colleagues actually asked me whether I am joining yesterday as the whole office disappeared by lunch hour.

My Big Boss: Hey, you're not joining the durian lunch?
I HATE durians!!!
Big Boss: I know....I remembered:D
*Haha...just pulling my leg!

Colleague 2: You're not going for the durian lunch?
I HATE durians!!!
What's so funny? *hmmm...

Colleague 3: You're not joining the durian lunch?
I HATE durians!!!
Haha...you hate durians? It's a Malaysian fruit!

And so, I was greeted by the same question by more than 5 colleagues whom I bumped into at the corridor walkway.
And this was the funniest one; coming from one of the highly qualified PhD holders...
You're not joining the durian lunch?
I HATE durians!!!
Hey, it's okay...you can still take the mangoes...
And there's other fruits there like mangosteens, rambutans what....

*Mutters to myself, I dislike them too and I am kinda allergic to mango...

Sighs, I should probably hang a banner on myself; on top of my ID "I HATE Durians"...considering the number of times I am repeating myself in one day:p

** NO Offense to Durian fans/lovers out there:)**