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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


A bunch of office girls are on a diet stint; I don't know what they are trying to do....
Don't blame me for overhearing, they are just nearby and they are talking loudly and also pattering up and down past my cube to talk about their diet...and the food they were supposed to eat on the particular day.
Happened on the 2 days when I was in Kulim...yeah, they are Kulim colleagues.

They were cutting down on lunches; refused to go out with the guys and they are following their own customized diet.
They are not exactly my best friends and I don't really care what they do....in fact, one of them was a spiteful one whom I have stayed off the the boundaries with.
To me, it was just funny to hear about diets....

I don't know why, I don't really believe in all those diets and slimming...
I know, I am not exactly the best person who eats or even to talk about it because I have weird eating habits and also really picky with my food.
But somehow, I always feel that diets are just crash courses to lose water weight and not permanent weight loss.
Do they really think they will lose those weight off just by a few days' of restricted food?

To me, it's all about yourself and your habits...you may swear off chicken or meat today but is that how you want to live your life?
I am not the best eater, and I have even given up on some food which makes me nauseous and also due to some personal problems...but hey, I didn't crave for them...it's different, I didn't cut them on purpose.

My bestie is one girl I admire; and I always remember her saying that she will never and can never go on diet, because she is hungry and she loves to eat!!
Admire her....and don't care what you think, you are gorgeous, babe and you are not fat ( even when she thinks she's fat, she only whines about it; I have seriously never seen her on a diet).

Me...I have mood swings when eating and I don't really like to eat sometimes, but I don't diet as well.....we are opposites but hey, opposites attract, right?

Bestie, this one's for you, you are the woman of the century! Cheers for one who doesn't diet :)