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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frequent Traveller

Yesterday was a crazy day for me....hmmmm...I drove early in the morning to Kulim (as usual on Wednesdays - Kulim days).
After an approximately ~30mins drive, I parked my car nicely and then went to the office.
Upon logging in to the system and launching my Outlook, I scanned my eyes through the emails and BAM!
I saw there was this training which I wanted to attend since last year and I had to be in Penang site for the training...bummer!
That only meant one thing; I had to leave Kulim to get back to Penang and fast; since the training starts early in the morning!
I packed my stuffs and hurried and drove back; only to be stuck in the traffic jam on the Penang bridge....driving back to Penang took me almost an hour!!:(

Sighs....felt like I wasted time travelling yesterday....almost 2 hours on the road..sighs!!
If only my miles travelled could be converted to my Frequent Flyer miles collection, I am one prioritized traveller due to my high frequency in travel for redemption soon then...
Brings a new meaning to the Frequent traveller, ain't it?:p