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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dog eats dog world

I was talking to an old friend the other day, and it was just a casual conversation which pops up to about working world and also working with a diversity of people, coming from all walks of life.
And I mentioned that sometimes in this world, you may be nice to people but that is not a favour for nice returns.
You may not want to hurt people; but people still want you to be hurt.
How ironic this world is, isn't it?
When you are working, self-interests prevail and individualism sets in...people are only interested in their self-benefits and will do anything to set that as a priority.
In school, yes, we are still interested in our own academics but that doesn't stop us from working with other and watching for each other's back.
I used to hear from bestie and a couple of friends about their fields; advertising,marketing, sales, management, stocks, IT etc....that those were really vicious world.
Yeah...even IT and no shock that even engineering and medical world are subjected to all these cruel realities.
Everyone is out there to fight and they will resort to ultimate and even the lowest tactics to win their way.
No joke....and if you are nice, well, you don't call that nice in the working world, they call you naive and dumb...
I have seen all these unmasked faces and I am truly saddened; maybe I am indeed a dumb girl...
I still remember when I joined this engineering team; one of the first few words my boss uttered to me were, "You cannot be nice nice Christy anymore; need to be really cold and cruel..."
Those words are still ringing in my ears....
Sometimes, I feel hurt too and saddened by this fact....no one can be trusted....:(
People come and go in your life, but how many truly leave a footprint; well, I guess now we see the true meaning of this.....