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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Guardian Disney Redemption Promotion

Do you know about that 70th celebration promotion period at Guardian; where you collect the Disney stamps with every purchase of RM25 and above...and then at 25 collections of the stamps (fill up the redemption card), you can redeem a Disney character for free - mainly Pooh and his friends.
Well, it has spanned for a couple of months; initially I wasn't really interested but then I got the card and I was shopping for a couple of times there during their sales and promotion and eventually I accummulated an amount of stamps; sometimes even got from my family and others...
I was this close to redeeming the Pooh!!! Few more stamps to go....about 5 only...
**Oh, I didn't particularly shop at Guardian because of the stamps; I still compare prices and sometimes, I prefer Watsons since they have a better offer there...and prices are much lower too:) So, I am not a blind shopper with no common sense...just a disclaimer:)

And yesterday, I was shopping at Guardian and then paid up at the counter; and was surprised when the lady at the cashier didn't provide me with the stamps, as usual.
I asked her for it and she told me, "The offer period is over; it's now redemption only..."
I was ^o^ again.....what???!!!!
I am so close, I thought it ends this month???
Awwww......I am not getting my Pooh again....sad.....

Forget about Guardian, I am shopping at Watsons from now on.....