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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Whose luck is worse?

Seriously, I cannot decide whose luck is worse at the moment
Mine or my customer....

First his issue already dragged until today
Now, he is also waiting for the settlement from the authorities and his third party (which makes it fourth party involved)

And the worst part is, the system is down on the fourth party's side and he had to wait for yet another day

I am getting more and more anxious now

I already thought that I am running out of luck these days because of all these unfortunate issues
I guess when one meets disaster, they just keep coming, don't they?

I guess my customer is much worse than me, since he's been worrying about his stuffs for two months now....and it is still not ready
Everything seems to be wrong right from the start, it was all delayed for him all the way then there was disrepancy in the time and date
Then disrepancy in payment charges
Now, he even has to face delay again due to the system which was so coincidentally down at the government's side

Wow......that's definitely much worse fate for him.....especially when this is his first project

I feel pity for him; and for myself for being involved in this whole thing...

Tired......luck, luck, please come back to me?

I should probably find a four-leaf clover.....anyone?