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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stop, Measure, Sign, Stick and GO!

This week, my company has initiated their preventive measure in curbing the spread of A H1N1 in the office and has given instructions to all the offices to follow the measures taken.

Employees are all to be observed on a daily basis and have their temperature and health monitored by this new practice.

We have the posters all printed out and pinned to the wall right at the main entrance where the reception or lobby is.
A highly-advanced thermometer (imported I think and costs RM399) is placed on the table at the reception; along with a log book and a set of stickers.
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Now how do we go about this?

For employees/visitors, all are required to go through the same steps.
When you enter the main entrance, you should be able to see the giant posters which you should be able to see (unless you're blind or serious astigmatism issues) which yelled "STOP" and request you to perform the steps as indicated in the poster.
There is even a poster to teach you how to use the thermometer.
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So, the steps are as follows:
1. Stop at the table
2. Take the thermometer and measure your own temperature
3. Record the temperature in the log book; in a way, you are also signing in your attendance each day
The normal temperature would be less than 38 Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
5. Proceed to work

*If your temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, you need to leave the office immediately and go to see a doctor.
If positive, the employee will be quarantined.
If negative, get the certification from the doctor and get the MC to rest at home to avoid spreading other viruses as well.

Actually, this would encourage some of those "slacker" employees to even have a good excuse to skip work by making their body temperature hot so that it will be above 38 degrees and then having a valid excuse to just loiter outside work for a day or two.

However, at the same time, I think it was a good move to prevent the viruses from spreading.
Even my church has started their measures by advising people to stay at home when they're not feeling well so that they do not spread viruses.
There is no holy water as well when we enter the church; and Holy Communion is to be received by hand.
It reminds me of that HFM and Coxsackie and Bird Flu last time...the same preventive measures:p

Surprisingly, I am always the one who's recorded the highest temperature of all...
Perhaps that is an indication that I am a very 'warm' person..hehe:D

Whatever, today the sticker's green....hehehe, I think it means, GO for Friday...LOL!:D
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