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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hot outside, Cold inside

It has stopped rain since yesterday...
This morning, the island is greeted with a bright and blazing hot sun which seems to say, "I am back, after the rain stole the limelight from me for the last few days!"

Anyway, I felt slightly cold when I was getting ready to go to work but thought nothing of it
I brought along my sweater as well

While I was in the office, I immediately felt cold when I was only at my desk for half an hour!
Gosh, and what's great is I've left my sweater in the basement carpark; which I don't particularly fancy going down to take it again

I am drinking lots of hot/warm water to heat my body up....but I am still so colddddd

I am puzzled; how is it that the sun looks so HOT outside, and yet I feel so cold in here?

I need my sweater.....it's the only thing on my mind for the whole morning now...
I shall go get it during my lunch break!