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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Virus test only for those warded???

I read with utmost shock at the increasing death toll of A H1N1 infected patients in our country today

Besides the shock, I was even more shocked to read the following statement:
only warded patients will be tested for the virus while those with symptoms of influenza should rest at home and heed medical advice.

Now what is that supposed to mean????

Why only the warded patients are tested?
I think all influenza cases should be tested as well; to prevent further spread of the disease.

People with flu symptoms should immediately seek medical consultation; and not nurse themselves at home.

This is no longer a mild issue; as the death toll is increasing.
Are we waiting for the death toll to increase to hundreds before deciding that it's a cause for concern??

To people who are recently sick and having the symptoms, I hope they use their common sense and go to the clinic or hospital and get themselves checked and not going out to public, spreading their virus!

DO SOMETHING now, before it's TOO LATE!