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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

One word...and it all came back...

When I was reading my email from my good friend/buddy, my attention held at a familiar word which I used to (or most of us used to) use back then when I was working there.

It's just a simple word, 'placeholder' and it brought so much memories back to me again

A place where I used to feel that I belong so much
A place where I loved to go to every morning; no matter how crazy the early hours are
A place where your laptops are like your cellphones and are mobile everywhere you go; to meetings to another office building, etc
A place where communication takes place through the laptops (i mean, humans still talk, of course)

Where I used to stare so intently at my screen for more than 12 hours (ya, I am crazy!)
Where I used to feel so cold and curse silently at how they treat our office like a mortuary
(But I enjoyed choosing my sweaters to go with my attires each day, and my shoes, watches, bag and hankies)
Where I used to enjoy sitting in a big meeting room and IM friends (LOL, but I am still paying attention to the meeting, okayyyy)
Where I used to look forward to the quarterly update meeting to sit in a big auditorium....(That's so fun lar!) and yet, eyes and fingers still on the keyboard..yeah, we bring laptops into that meeting too
Where I only wear comfortable outfits to work; and dress casually every day like it's Friday! (jeans and sneakers)

I missed that place...and there's so much more words which can bring much more memories and yet I am afraid that I am going to forget them soon...huhuhu.....

Placeholder, placeholder
Block your calendar
Bridge..yeah bridge!! (what's the number for the bridge again? starts with the number 3....)

AR...oh how I missed this word (but I don't miss the meaning of the word la....:p)
Commonality (hahaha!)
Data owner
Schedule the meeting
Call a meeting
Book the meeting room
Check your calendar (then bow down and look at the card behind our name tag!)
What's your IP address?
May I know who just joined?
Let's do a Netmeeting/Live Meeting?
Share your desktop
Allow control

Even Out of Office replies.....(which I will share in another blog post)

I missed everything about there...and my car which is always there earliest, first parking spot!!

Now, this really brought a smile despite the weariness on my face....