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Monday, August 03, 2009

It just keeps coming

My issue is not closed yet....I am still crossing my fingers in anticipation

I am still waiting

BAM! This morning, another call to inform me that payment is an issue
I had to settle this again

I am still waiting for the confirmation

But do I dare to ask anyone for help?
Oh no, everyone is too BUSY with their work to help
Furthermore, this is NONE of THEIR business, ain't it?

I dare not dream to ask anyone for help
I think they are most interested to see how I drown in this issue

I am just so excited about the idea

This is just part of the ups and downs in life; and right now, unfortunately, I am in the down side of my life
Things keep happening, all the worries, anxieties...I hope I can be free of it soon

It's actually not a really big issue
It is a mistake, but it can be amended but everyone is making a big fuss out of it just because I was not around to fix it

I came back and I am working on this

I just find the whole thing ridiculous but I do not want to waste time hammering on the lovely people around me as I want to focus on the solution

I know that things happen and it can't be helped
Nothing is perfect and smooth sailing all the time

A silver lining is, I know who is my friend and who is my foe
I learn to mould myself and prepare myself for further similar situations
Of course, I would not hope for more future occurrences
Is there a future anymore?

For me, yes...of course....but not with this occurrence anymore

I will still grit my teeth and do my utmost best to solve the whole issue
I pray for God's blessing and strength to help me with this

To all my TRUE friends out there, thank you for the endless prayers and regards you have for me...

I will not be killed by this; in fact, on the whole, it made me stronger and even more sure of what I want to do next...