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Monday, August 17, 2009

Only at my workplace...

Multi-national companies are always the best companies to work for; as most of us have been led or cultivated to believe.
After all, what is there not to like about MNCs, right?
There's the benefits, the pay, the compensation, the environment, the system, and even the name of the company itself which just makes some of us feel like they own the world when they strut out, bearing the name of So-and-so company's employee.

All the good things and even more; in my current workplace which I am sure no one else would have heard of or enjoyed elsewhere...
It is only at my workplace...

That it is okay to be non-performing for a full year; and yet not punished or even penalized.
The performing employee would be the one to be found fault with; not the non-performing one

That if you are having family problems, character issues, low self-esteem and self-confidence, transitional issues from technical to non-technical job scope, and a huge ego to deal with women, those are not classified as personal problems.
The personal issue is non of your business but these are NOT personal problems and that you should be understanding and tolerant towards the employee.
You must emphatize and sympathize with him

That the company has enough resources and capacity to accommodate non-performing employees because they care about their NON-personal concerns (refer to the previous one)

That an employee can take as long as they want to learn up the things they need on the job. One year is not enough; because the employee says he's not ready
So, there is no rush (not applicable to the rest of the employees)

That the company cannot tolerate conflict issues; and one of the employee must go if the issue remains unresolved

That it is okay to claim character issues when you are not performing as long as you remember that is not personal issue

That men have an ego and pride that women need to understand and be tolerant (even if it is already a year)

That a technical function guy needs longer time to transition to a non-technical job; and you must give him MORE time (one year is definitely not enough)

That family issues are 'None of your business' but you must understand that he has had a hard time/tough life

That no results for one year, no projects on hand and showing up at office once a month or every other month is just slacking a little bit

That an employee who has been trained twice still needs more training

That one year is too short for training an experienced employee who has worked two years in his technical job and worked in two other companies prior to this company

That someone trying to help another employee is minding others' business too much and should leave it to the employee herself/himself to settle
At the same time, we must promote teamwork and covering for each other too

That an employee who makes the mistake must admit the mistake to the boss and ask the boss to help. If not, you are committing a crime because you think you are too smart to settle it yourself. It is beyond your pay grade
But of course, you must remember to be responsible and accountable for your actions at all times

That transparency is practised and levels are not important but you must remember who is boss and what you can do at your pay grade

That helping your colleague with her workload is wrong; you must mind your own business and not do things that she is assigned to do (even if you have nothing to do)

That you must cover/shadow for each other at work; but make sure that you call that colleague whom you are covering for to solve their own issues (even if she's sick or on leave/vacation)

That the boss encourages openness for you to confide your issues but tells you to shut up if your issue is something he does not like (if he defends someone else/something else you may hit upon)

That they respect and honor your religion so much that they constantly throw it at your face when they speak to you in full sentences
"You listen to her words like gospels/Holy Bible"
"Is it a sin when you do this/that?"
"Don't worry, you will not be crucified"

That an employee who is unable to perform is because he has a good intention to want to learn EVERYTHING before doing his job. He is technically-minded and he has a GOOD intention, he is devoted to his job and you must learn from him

That the majority of the employees who raised the concern on one single employee are not seeing things clearly and that they need to be more understanding and tolerant towards that ONE employee

That an open session is closed immediately

That you are encouraged to voice your opinions but the boss has the right to disagree with you

That you are just being unreasonable if you have any concern

That if you are not really sick if you still can get up to go to see the doctor and get your Medical leave certification from the doctor

That your working status applies even if you are on leave or on sick leave

That you are not working if you are answering your cell phone

That you are not working if you are always in the office or answering your emails

That a miscommunication issue can exist even if the issue lies only in one employee (the other employees have no issue communicating with each other)

That you are reprimanded for working too much; and that you should rest more at home to learn your technical stuffs or train yourself or nurse your ego

That two staffs cannot take leave/sick leave at the same time even if they are really sick, because they may be pretending to be sick

That branch office is not the same as the head office; and the people in head office have a higher authority than those elsewhere

That taking lots of leave and sick leave means he has a hard life and tough family issues to deal with but it is none of others' business. However, if you were to do the same, you are not disciplined and not working

Ohhhh, don't you think that this is such a wonderful place to work in?
There is so MUCH love, understanding and tolerance....

Now, why would anyone not love this place, right?
I think there's plenty more benefits which I have yet to know, even....