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Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's cooking again!

My neighbor's cooking again; and I think it's the Indian neighbor staying all the way at the ground level.

On Tuesday, it was curry fish head.....
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(*Picture taken from web; belong to someone else)
I imagined it to be this way as the spices and curry powder used highly smells of those used by Indians.
It must be an Indian-style curry.
It is a good idea huh, to have hot and steaming curry (not to mention spicy) during such cold weather:p
It was steaming and cooking with such a lovely aromatic scent emitted around the neighborhood...it makes one think of that homemade dish.

On Wednesday, she was cooking again.....early morning, this time, I am pretty sure it's French Toast...
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It had that bread and egg-y scent in the air!

She's always cooking; must be a model mother like what Donna Reed used to do yeah; cooking and tending to the family's stomach at all times:)
She's definitely a good cook too..LOL~