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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Difference of TO, CC and BCC in emails

Do you know the difference between the three functions of To, CC and BCC in your Outlook or even your normal email portals?

We may laugh out loud; and answer confidently, "WHO DOESN'T, right?"
Oh, right, but I can share with you that there are some out there who truly does not even comprehend these functions

My existing issue which I have been complaining about; was a good example to illustrate this.
The issue was withheld at a point; unable to proceed due to the email recipient who did not understand the above functions.

The alleged(let's call the person E) was copied in the CC loop during the conversation between the customer and a third party.
E was telling the customer that the company needs the customer to provide the name of their third party to handle this situation before we can proceed.
Therefore, the customer, M, copied her in the loop during her interaction with their third party.

Obviously, this is to notify E that they are working on it and the third party is responsible for it.

Naturally, the customer also assumed that she had already gotten hold of the information and will proceed.
E did not even bother to inform any of us in the site office; and when I made a call to M to request for their third party, she practically screamed that she had already done so and it is our side who withheld the progress.

My admin did a quick check with E; and guess what E told us
"Oh, she sent that email meh?"
"Yeah, she did, she mentioned she copied you in the loop!"
"Ohhhhh, now I remember. Yaya, I know, she gave the third party's name in the email mar, right?"
"Yeah, then why didn't you proceed?"
"Oh, coz, the email only CC me; not TO me mar...so, if she wants to inform me that this is the info, then she need to send an email directly TO me"

So all the information is already provided and they are arguing on the basis that they are not addressed in the right section?
I cannot decide which is more hilarious; that M cc-ed her and assumed that she understood, or E who was copied and assumed that M will email her to inform her in the To section...

It is all an issue of misunderstanding?
Right now, it has even bloomed into a bigger problem of misunderstanding

So, do remember, if you really want someone to do something, do send it to the person specifically...in the TO section, else there will never be any action taken.

Oh, and if you happen to be in the CC section, means you don't have to take note of the email seriously; it clearly does not concern you anyway.

I wonder about the BCC; can I totally delete the email? :P

But then, if you have another unique case of a colleague like mine here, X (I'm sure some of you have heard of his storiesssssss), who clearly is always MIA and does not understand anything anyway, well, it does not matter which section you addressed him in....and in the first place, the email may not be necessary also!

So, are we clear about To, CC and BCC now?
Lesson over, class adjourned!