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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something's cooking!~

I was in the kitchen, filling my water bottle before heading to work when I suddenly had a whiff of this really fragrant aroma, which filled up the whole kitchen.

It was a really familiar aroma; of something baking or cooking. Well, I am surrounded by family homes anyway with mothers who are still probably the likes of Donna Reed; enjoying their baking and cooking for their husbands and families.

So, what's the scent all about?

One of the neighbor's making pancakes and waffles... which one, want a guess?
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But based on my intuition, I think pancake's more likely from the scent
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(Photos from web; for illustration)

After that, there was another fragrant aroma which filled my nose(I do have a highly sensitive nose:)....this time, it's definite coffee...the cappucino type, brewing hot and I think with those foamy types.

Looks like some family's really having a great treat of a breakfast this morning..

How I missed having breakfast with my family/friends and loved ones!