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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Thank you Boss!

My customer sent me a retort email and I was totally flabbergasted when I read it.

The silver lining is, copying my boss in the email earlier did have its benefits as now, my boss is offering whether he is able to help in this issue.

Of course, I jumped and replied, detailing the sequence of events to provide him with the background for him to start working on it.
I directly answered that I do need his intervention in this issue as it is no longer an issue within my control or my decision authority.
I am a little disheartened by the whole issue, and I want things to go well.

However, I believe I can only do as much...
I feel like I am going crazy, blogging about it again and again....

Now, I feel like my boss is a saviour and I am thankful that he has offered to help...

Please be my guest boss...and THANK YOU boss....I know this is something you can settle!!