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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Blogging virus

I think I've spread the virus around...or it has become an epidemic

I used to be the only person who blogs in my office...
(Yeah, I have mentioned before how jakun things are over here...so enough said)

Then all of a sudden, some of my colleagues started asking me about blogs and told me that they want to start their own blogs
They want to write about things; blog about their lives...

I gladly helped out...

Now, even that other moron of a colleague (excuse the moron word) is planning to start his own blog (I'm sure some of you know who I am referring to)
Not to be mean, but "Hello, do you even know what is a blog?"

I can't stand his constant pestering me for my blog's URL, "Don't you get it? Even though my blog is a public blog, I just don't want to share it with you!"
Gosh...how many times does one need to say no before he gets it?

Anyway, I realized that more and more people are moving into the blogging world
It's just like a huge trend like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, etc....

(I've had Twitter for 1-2 years now, and nobody knew about it last time, all of sudden it became a hit recently!)

I felt that I have done a good thing to have planted that interest in blogging among the people here....I honestly have no idea what they used to do...

I love blogging myself; I don't think that needs much explanation (judging by the number of blogs I have and are still planning to have)

Point is, more and more people are making their way into the blogging world; regardless of whether they know how to write or even like writing...

Sighssss.....and I remember there was a huge population who hated essay assignments back in school?
This would make their language teachers darn proud of their self-initiatives..LOLs!~