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Monday, August 03, 2009

Thick Maze of HAZE

The island is enveloped in a thick haze; making everything around me seems to look so fuzzy and unclear

Yeah, visibility is really bad today
It's like driving in a thick fog; except this is dirty dirty haze

Encumbered by the issue and other worrying matters, I am further pressed by my seasonal sinusitis and headaches
This is not good

It is really a rare scenario this year, we have haze one day; and then it's gone after the rain the next day and then it comes back thicker the next day after?
Is the rain really helping us in any way or it's just here to bring more harm?

It's like a battle of the Haze against the rain and the sun!

Do take care everyone, whether you are sensitive or not; asthma or sinus or perfectly healthy, this is still not a good weather to be out and about.