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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Midway through the Battle...

I prayed and hoped that it will settle today
This morning I headed straight for the meeting and we had a long talk, negotiating and communicating both of our opinions and suggestions

It was not easy as it was clear that neither of us would back down from our stand; though it was not exactly as bad as I imagined.
We were both still educated and reasonable people; and we put forth our arguments politely and gently, in consideration of each other's sentiments and best interests

I know I have to be firm; as I also have to provide a good settlement and answer back to my HQ
At the same time, I also understand how difficult this is for my customer....but it is also my job to maintain my company's interests

I want to solve this peacefully; I want a peace settlement
I am pushing towards a win-win situation

I hope that this nightmare will end soon....

I am waiting for the final confirmation

We have agreed that we will close this by end of today or latest, tomorrow morning
This wait is longer than I thought...

I have to go through 1 or 2 more rounds of battle?