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Monday, August 03, 2009

When I was sick~

When I was sick and coincidentally and simultaneously, an issue comes up at work and my admin; my good and helpful admin who helped me to deal with it had to contact the rest of the team (my colleagues)

What do they say?

This is none of my business

But, but this is urgent! The customer needs the reply immediately
Oh well, it's nothing that we can help. We can wait
She's on MC, and this is really urgent
Oh, we really can't do anything. Wait for her to get back from MC and settle this case

I don't think you should get involved in this case, since it's not your concern

Why are you so anxious about? It's none of your business?

How can she make this mistake ar? She didn't check meh?

Interesting bunch of people, aren't they?

This colleague C was even more interesting, I remembered I had to cover for HIM when he was sick
(He is sick almost every other week anyway!)

He often sounded like he was so sick on the phone when he pleaded for help
I helped him the last round because I think it's being professional and not cancelling an urgent business meeting which involves a huge project
Did he thank me for it?

All I get is, "Don't get yourself involved in other people's business"

I am truly working in a MULTI-NATIONaliens company!