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Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's Raining, It's Raining!~

Oooo...*claps hand in glee*

It's raining again...I love the weather sooooo much although my issue is still unsolved.
I am not backing down anymore, I am not going to be worried anymore because this time the other side is being unfair already that it's really angering me right now (no more frustration)

I appreciate the rain although I am still on the run to solve this issue
However, if it remains unsolved and I am not provided with a satisfactory answer by noon today, I have no choice but to escalate from here and that's where the legal complications come in.

Whatever it is, I leave it to God whether it will be solved or not
I am really tired...

It's finally Friday, I have been a busy bee this whole week that I didn't even realize how time flies

It's raininggggggg.....I want a rainglobe or a snowglobe...yipppeeeeee!!!