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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A stress relief treatment to an addiction?

Oh ya, I started logging into the FB for the applications and the games
I kinda wanted to release stress following the workload and the stuffs that have bothered me for the past few weeks

It's kinda fun, really, with all the farms where you can grow your crops and harvest them
The gardens where you have your flowers
The ranch to rear your own animals (and to sell them for the poultry; that's not so nice by the way!)
The pets application where you can clean, play and feed your pet
The Kungfu pets where you can train and spend quality time with your pet; preparing them for battles (that's also not too good)

There's also restaurants for you to serve your customers and cash your tips

There's even girly applications like the fashion wars and the sorority clubs where you attend events and dress up your girl to compete with other girls...

There's even mind-boggling games like jigsaw puzzle and word scramble or twister...Those are my favorites!:D

I know, maybe I am getting a little bit more hooked...surprising to those who sees me logging into FB more often than before though they hear that I am stressed

Ohhhh, that's me...when I am stressed...I tend to do a lot more things to lead my attention elsewhere and take my mind off those stressful agendas...

I read and write a lot too...
I have been blogging a lot too...tweeting too...I just love those....those are also addiction...

I am watching movies, etc...

I know I have to watch it before my ergo issues come back to haunt my hand and my shoulders....LOL!