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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sun after the rain

Just like there is rain after the haze
There is also sun after the rain

Does this means that everything will be cleared after the worthless anxieties and worries?

Everything will be fine after I go through this huge blizzard at work?

I hope so; and I definitely pray for the better days after this although I know there are still a few more cliffs to climb after this...

But after the sun, isn't there also always a rainbow?
And at the end of the rainbow, there's always a pot of gold/treasure and if you're lucky/unlucky, you might even meet a leprechaun?

I'd rather have the pot of gold...

It's all part and parcel of life....acts of nature
It's all like that, we all have the rain and shine; the bad and good days, and the laugh after a big cry.....

I am waiting for my luck.... :D