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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mild Viral infection?

I've had an interesting week; and I'm sure some of you who have been following my blog have noticed my inactivity for the past few days.
Sorry about that; but fret not, as I am about to spill out whatever that's happened all at once, as long as you have the capacity to read all of it!:D

Alright, I was actually down with a mild viral infection which caused a mild fever.

It has been raining like crazy over here...and much as I like it, I was feeling cold to no ends.
Seriously, I was like shivering most of the time!
I had even turned off the fan, closed the windows, wore thicker clothes and put on thick socks and snuggled under a warm blanket to sleep.
I felt so cold still!

I knew there was something wrong as my body felt really hot while I kept shivering; it somehow reminded me of a serious fever I've had last round which was quite dangerous.

I felt so colddddd!! No exaggeration.

Furthermore, my company had just started their A H1N1 preventive measures this week...I will elaborate further in my next post on that...LOL

When I went to see the doctor, it was even more funny as I had to ask him whether I am A H1N1 negative and that he needs to certify that so that I am safe to go to office.

(Currently my company requires all the employees and visitors alike to measure their temperature at the reception and if it's higher than 38 degrees Celsius, you are required to leave to see a doctor immediately. Then you need to get the doctor to certify whether you are A H1N1 positive/negative. Well, I guess these are preventive measures anyway)

The funny part was when I told the doctor that I need him to certify, and he told me, "We don't have any certification of any sort"

I smiled and said, "It's alright, doctor. I just need an MC in that case"

Anyway, it was no major illness lar...I just had to keep warm at all times...time to get cosy with my warm wool sweaters:)

I just can't figure out why I suddenly got virus; when I was perfectly good over the weekend.
I started with a mild dry throat which felt uncomfortable, then there was a slight runny nose and then the coldddd feeling....arrgggghhhh

Perhaps there's a virus passed on to me by someone who is not well; or is someone a healthy carrier?
Sighs....I still need to be warm now...as I speak, I still feel so cold...but not unwell anymore lar:D