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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best friends!

I am meeting three of my best friends this week; one of them including my bestEST friend.

I am close to all three of them; with the bestie being in her own position of course (no one can beat a bestie)

The other two are also part of my close friends circle; friends or sisters whom I can confide in and vice versa.
It's like sisterhood; where you can just enjoy chatting with them anything under the sun.

It's like all of a sudden, everyone has something to share and to confide in and I am equally excited to meet up with all of them.

After all, what's not good about having a girlie day and sharing those laughs and giggles about silly and trivial girls' stuffs right?

I can't wait to meet all of them; we are going to talk so much....and speaking of the 'much', I don't think anyone can beat good ol' bestie talk yet.....we can talk till next year if no one stops us (or if there is no obstacle at all)

Best friends are always the ones whom you can count on at all times; be it good or bad times. These are not fairweather friends; in fact they have gone beyond that stage of label and have honorably stepped up the ladder in my humble opinion.

It is not easy for me to trust people; and yet, I find that I could trust this small handful of people in my life besides my own family.
Of course, there's still 2-3 more who are in my best friends' circle, there's guys too; I am not a sexist.
Girls are good confidantes but sometimes guys are also really cool to provide more opinions:)

These are not friendships which are built in a day or a year or so; but it has taken years and incidents to prove the worth. I have known all three girls for so long (longest being bestie); and yet despite the not-frequently-keeping-in-touch, we are still able to think of each other immediately when we need to share good news or bad news.
That's incredibly touching and wonderful for me:)

I am glad and proud to be considered their best friend as well; and may our friendships last forever:)

I am sure you have a best friend or someone you can just count on, right?