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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Prayers are not to be taken lightly
It is so powerful that it can really have miraculous results and healing power

I have personally experienced the wonderful works of prayer and I definitely believe in it

Recently my grandmother has been very sick and also suffering from pains
All of us have prayed to God (different religions and beliefs)
She was so frail and weak that she barely had energy

However, I've just seen her again recently and she has been relieved of her pains and looks better despite her ailing health
She has regained her appetite and she is more cheerful

I do know that she is still very sick; but I am thankful to God for reducing her pains and suffering

I know this is all due to the power of prayer...
It is not a promotion of religion or anything like that; whichever religion or your beliefs are, never forsake the power of speaking to God

God does indeed listen
I will continue to pray for my granny
And I thank all of you who have prayed for my granny as well....