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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our country has 4 seasons too~

I used to wonder how snow is like
How it feels like to hava macintosh or a stylish trench coat and a thick scarf wrapped around my neck, enjoying the cool breeze while watching the falling of the leaves from the tree

I don't have to imagine Spring or Summer though; since we are living it everyday

What amazes is me the beauty of my country which makes me feel safe from natural disasters which can be life-threatening, i.e: earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, typhoon, etc.

In fact, we only came to knew of tsunami a few years back and we lost so many lives as Malaysians have not even seen tsunami; let alone imagine that it would ever occur here on our peaceful coastline!
We could also feel tremors from our neighbors when they experience earthquakes once in a while, but that's about it anyway.

I thank God for the paradise place we are living in.

Some foreigners even envy the all-year long summer we have here; as they long to wear those tank tops and beach shorts and thongs and slippers and enjoy themselves by the beach; and it's funny how on the other hand, we fantasize about living in their cold countries which they can't wait to get away from during the winter season.

Well, that being said, I start to feel that there is a nice pattern spreading over our country's yearly season too; where there seems to be four periods.
Oh, we still do not have snow yet...I am not sure whether it's next to impossible since we are located so near to the Equator (but it's nice to dream, and they say dreams do come true sometimes:)

For a start, January to March always start with a warm and a bit of rain type of weather; which makes it similar to Spring.
April to June/July will be so HOT and filled with the haze that you just feel like bathing in ice...that's like Summer
Then end of July to probably September will be slightly cool and rainy.....Autumn
Finally...September to probably end of the year will be rainy (monsoon period) so it's cool to COLD....Winter

So, see, my country does have its own lovely way of separating our humid weather (rain and sun) into 4 different sections as well:)

The plus point is, we do not need to change our wardrobes every quarter; but we have everything handy so that we can just don them whenever we need them.
We don't really stock on heavy and bulk jackets either; unless we are travelling to those cold climate countries.

Furthermore, we see Spring; where the flowers bloom all year long and we don't have to worry about them withering and die unless it's man-instigated; where they burn and cause a massive haze!

Now, isn't that a nice thing to love about my country?
I am wearing my thick wool sweater now; since it's so cold these days....brrrrrr