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Monday, August 03, 2009

An issue of Feng Shui?

I laughed when my colleague M, told me her thoughts about recent happenings

Remember that my office was also involved in a series of unfortunate incidents of late which we associated with the five elements?

Now, with my issue and also the washroom clogging issue (the most recent!), this is her suspicion

"It must be the Feng Shui"
Something is wrong somewhere...that's why all the unfortunate things happen at the same time

Feng Shui?

The Wind and water has to do with this?

There is not much wind lately and the water often brings a hot and bright shining ray too...

Or maybe it's the aircond in the office and maybe I shouldn't drink too much water each day at work?

Hahahhaa.......it must be the Feng Shui...