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Monday, August 03, 2009

All by myself

I was told and taught that one's true colors always showed in times of trouble

Everyone laughs happily and pats your back in good times
But no one stays to comfort you in the bad times

I have always believed in that

Now, I am truly in that situation myself
Not that I've never been through this before, I just find that it's so sad that people could go to such extent

I don't expect everyone to be a living saint like Mother Theresa of course; but shouldn't we all treat each other with a little bit more of kindness?

I can't believe that in the huge forest like this, I am all by myself

What is work without a team?

I just realized, I don't have a team...after all

There's too many Venetian masks unveiled now...and I can no longer pretend that I see the mask and not the face behind it anymore after they are all unmasked

People like to judge but they do not like to be judged
How fair is that?

I thank God for a small bunch of people who are still standing with me; who thinks that I deserve compliment for my courage and my hard work thus far

It is so weird that one who works so hard and is so dedicated to her work is often victimized and penalized for minor things
Yet another who does not even work or is productive is ignored and not even reprimanded (frequent sick leaves, annual leaves, emergency leaves, family issues, car broke down, etc)

I find this a whole laughing matter
Does this mean that I don't have to work so hard after all?