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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FB is promoting stealing??

Refer back to my previous post, you will read that I am recently getting hooked onto the applications in FB...
I will grow out of it, that's for sure....:)

Anyway, there is an odd thing I noticed about FB applications as I was playing around with it

I am surprised that most of the applications actually promote activities like stealing, fighting and battling
For instance, you can actually steal crops, flowers, animals (all those ready for harvest items) from your friends to add to your points
You can also steal cash tips from your friends' restaurants!

When you visit your friends' farms and restaurants, there's even tools for you to plant weeds or put pests to kill their crops...and in the restaurant, you can put gum or RATS.....
What is FB seriously promoting???

In other applications, you are even encouraged to fight other people to gain more points and to battle with other friends...

Is this really the things we want to promote to the future generation?

I know that some of us are sensible to know what is reality and what is virtual...but seriously, can we guarantee that one who steals from FB do not have that streak in their personality?

I am shocked and surprised at the free flow of stealing tools and damage/battle applications available...

Call me silly or whatever...I did not even use those tools...much as I want to move up the level ladders faster or earn my cash/points/coins faster

Yes, I do not want to steal from others to move up my levels...
It's just plain dishonest and despicable

I do think FB needs to re-review all their objectives and their applications if they want to see a better nation and future generation

We definitely do not want any sadists, thieves, robbers, vandalism in our society
We've had enough of them right now...it's time to look into the containment measures and preventive actions and not promoting them!!!

What do you think? Do you agree with me?
Any one else who thinks I am just plain silly?

I don’t think so….