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Friday, March 12, 2010

What Angelstar Blog Haven means to me...

I am thinking of starting a few more blogs; yeah, again, as if the list of my blogs that I already have in my profile is not enough to keep me busy and they are already sparsely updated.

Well, it is an interest of mine and I like to diversify and specify my different blogs according to my personal interests.
I loved blogging and it has been more than 5 years since I have started blogging, yeah, it HAS been THAT long =)

How it all started? you may ask

Well, that would go all the way back to when I just finished my examinations and I was willing my time away, enjoying that freedom and that sudden extra free time that I have on hand.
I caught up with my reading and as you know, I really loved to read a lot and I was then already tapping into the Internet for more reading materials and finding out about things that I like.

At that time, I actually wanted to continued with my writing interest; to write in a freelance and leisure manner and therefore, I was wondering to myself, whether I can write articles on the Internet and that was where I stumbled upon the concept of blogs.

Reading a few blogs made me so inspired that I wasted no time in starting my own blog and hence that was how Angelstar blog haven was born.

It quickly became my main portal for writing and to share all my thoughts and views and I was so hooked on to it that I could not help thinking of what I want to write and share on the net.
It was even more addictive than those chatting tools like ICQ, MIRC, Y!M, MSN, etc which was the craze when Internet first started.

As I started to write more, I realized that I had too many things that I want to write about and I just did not want to crowd them into one blog. At the same time, it would be really crazy if I were to cram all 10 ideas I have in a day into the same one blog. It would seem like overloading the blog and others out there, if I have any readers, would be totally lost with what I want to tell in my blog, furthermore, with diverse topics.

Most of the bloggers do that, and they have their own styles.
My style was that I wanted to diversify and to give myself a clear and specific direction or portal to share my ideas on different topics.

As my blogs grew in numbers and in population, I still maintain this main blog as the focus site although there is no specific topic related to the title of this blog as how I have done with my other blogs.

If you check my very first post in this blog, you will realize that it started in 2005 and my style of blogging have changed over the years. I don't know, you can probably say it is related to age? =P

Alright, speaking of my new blogs....I will be announcing it when it's ready...I am just happy that Angelstar blog is 5 years old already! =D
It is my very first and personal blog, my first definition of my blogging adventure, and is and will always be very important to me! =)

Happy Birthday to Angelstar Blog Haven and may there be many more posts to come =)