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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Accident @ Bayan Lepas

I saw an accident along Bayan Lepas; near the first flyover before you approach the intersection heading to Bayan Mutiara/Queensbay (coming from the bridge).

I was coming along the coastal road; from the bridge exit's direction when traffic slowed down tremendously.
I was left wondering (or guessing) that it could be yet another police's road block which was rather common these days on this island.

However, when I was approaching the overhead bridge, I saw a Kancil parked in the midst of the two giant pillars holding the bridge and 2 police cars parked by the side.
The policemen were hovering over the driver; whose car door was wide open and that was where I saw the driver, with his head rested on the steering wheel with his eyes closed and his hands were just hanging lifelessly.
It was a disturbing sight, for me, as I saw his hands dangling by the side and covered with blood.

I do not know what kind of accident that was; or how it happened and I had no time to find out anyway as I had to get on with my driving and through the traffic.

I only know that it caused the slow traffic even an hour later as the busy office workers are informed by the radio of the accident.

I pray that the driver survives, that's all...