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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lovely weather but a sad me...

This morning, I woke up feeling really tired and all worn out
I just feel so exhausted that I don't even know what got into me but I practically had to drag myself to work

When I step out of my house, I was surprised by the sight which awaits me outside my door!
There were these tiny specks of fluttering rain that it almost felt like snowflakes on your face.
I almost shouted for joy when I saw the dark clouds and the thick mist surrounding my condominium area!
It looks like Genting or Cameron Highlands at that point (my condominium is located really close to the hills)

The cloudy weather is finally here, but push away the momentary joy, I felt a little disappointed as I need to fly off from Penang this morning

Surprised that I am actually upset at the opportunity to fly home and to see my family for the first time?

Well, thanks to fate and coincidence, my family is on their way to Penang today as well to stay for a week and I had to be in KL for at least two days for some training which I was trying to avoid from going

It was a real bummer, and even with the light torrents of rain and clouds, I still do not feel very comforted

My heart feels so heavy to have to travel all the way and I am seriously not in the mood for business travels like these at the moment...
I just feel so tired.....

I am sad....how to cheer myself up now?

Will be on the flight in a couple of hours, hopefully I can update when I have landed in the Mud City....